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An Exciting Lifestyle

Darling HarbourLeisure time is an important aspect of Australian life, with a great appreciation of the arts or exploration of the great outdoors.

Each area has its own unique attractions too numerous to mention here, so we suggest you visit the local Visitor Centers in each town to find out what to do. You will find more things to do than the amount of days you have in an area!

While the long, sunny days and beautiful surroundings encourage a range of active outdoor pastimes, there are many dining, shopping and entertainment options to enjoy. Australians have a reputation for partying hard, and they love fine dining, the arts and music, sport and the beach.

Australians love to barbeque. The smell of sizzling food can be smelt in the warm summer night air. What are the components of a good barbeque? Food, drink, music and mates!