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Aussie Sports

One things that Australian's love to do, is have fun! We make a sport out of nearly everything, and enjoy watching it just as much. Our family, pets and mates are very important to Australian's, and participating in activities together is part of our lifestyle. Australian's will either compete, participate or be spectators!

With more than 120 national and thousands of local, regional and state sporting organisations, it's estimated that six-and-a-half million people in Australia are registered sport participants.


ANZ Stadium

ANZ Stadium


Location: Sydney (suburban), New South Wales
Built: 1999
Lights: Yes
Video Screens: 2
Seats: 83,500


ANZ Stadium, formerly Telstra Stadium is located 17km west of Sydney's CBD. The Stadium was originally known as Stadium Australia, and was the main venue of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, with its original capacity being 110,000 seats, however since then renovations have reduced this to 83,500 seats.

The Stadium was specifically designed for the Australian environment, by shading and protecting most spectators from the elements, without killing the grass as a fully enclosed dome would. The state-of-the-art roof is suspended from an arch-like structure and is approximately three hectares in area. It is constructed from translucent polycarbonate to minimise shadows and direct sunlight on the playing area, creating ideal conditions for TV presentations and for spectators.

The former Olympic stadium was designed to have minimal impact on the environment. Conventional electric power was reduced through measures such as natural lighting, gas-fired co-generation engines, and energy-efficient lighting. Materials were selected that minimised pollution, conserved resources, and were durable. Waste management and water-saving measures were also taken into consideration during it's construction.

Several high profiles sports and international sporting events in the following have taken place in the Stadium:

  • Soccer
  • Major Rugby Union
  • Rugby League
  • American NFL pre-season
  • Australian Football
  • Cricket

Major redevelopments have occurred over the years. It was reduced in size and the playing field converted into an oval shape to enable Australian Football to be played. The two stands at either end were removed and the lower level remodelled to provide seating in an oval shape. A roof at either end which used to be occupied by the two large stands.



Photo courtesy of: Ian Spruce