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Australian Poetry

Many of the most well known poets in Australia's history came from lonely souls wandering the outback, sitting in a prison, or stealing a moment under the eucalypt tree while hard at work on the land. They wrote of their travels, the towns they visited, the people they met, and the hardships they endured. To many, the celebration of having food in their bellies, or being given a days work, was enough reason to put pencil to paper. Women wrote of lonely hearts, home sickness for their mother land, and the hardships at home. The film industry has even brought many of these to life. The Man from Snowy River is one of our classic poem/tales that has been reproduced on film.

Even in todays society, many still take time to sit and write a verse or two. Some have made the transition into songs, which have later been used as soundtracks in movies. If it's one things Australian have, is a way with the words! Have a read of some of the poems below, and immerse yourself in Australia's culture.