Australian Communications
Communication is important in Australia given the distance and dispersed population.


Phoning Australia is not the same for all countries, or the same to both cell phone/mobiles or land phones.

Dialing a Mobile into Australia


IDD calls to Australia from the US would be dialled as:0011 4XX XXX XXX

Dialing a Landline into Australia


0061-Area Code-XXXX XXXX

Calling Australia from the United States explained:

  • 011 - US exit code (must be dialed first for all international calls made from the USA or Canada)
  • 61 - country code for Australia
  • area code - 1 digit area codes
  • phone number - 8 digits
  • EXAMPLE: US to Australia international dialing format:
    011 + 61 + x + xxxx xxxx<

Australia has 0011 as the exit code for voice calls and 0014 for fax transmission.

An easier way to dial mobile phones is to simply use the + prefix. Dialing your number as +61-4XX-XXX-XXX will automatically dial the exit code followed by country code and phone number...similar for landline calls (+61-Area Code-XXXX XXXX)

Local Directory


Overseas Operator


Phone Books:

Calling Overseas from Australia

0011+country code

Free calls within Australia start with 1800… but they are only domestic numbers. US 1800 numbers will still charge you over seas rates.

Australian Telephone Area Codes

Australia uses 8-digit local phone numbers for all customers with a  2-digit STD area codes.

Australian Country Code (for overseas originated calls) 61
Outgoing IDD access code (from within Australia) 0011
Emergency calls (Fire / Police / Ambulance) 000

Note: Always delete the leading "0" from the area code or from the mobile telephone number when calling from outside Australia.

Australian Area Code List

Area Code State or Territory
02 New South Wales & Australian Capital Territory
03 Victoria & Tasmania
04 Australia-wide
07 Queensland
08 Western Australia, South Australia & Northern Territory



Communication Tower
Communication Tower
Public Telephones
Public Telephones

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