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Part of Australia's charm is its history. It also makes for some great places to visit! So take a journery down Australia's timeline & see what you can discover, or even learn.


27 December

Media mogul Kerry Packer dies. Claimed to be richest man in Australia.


06 December

New anti-terrorism bill passed in response to London bombings in July. Generated heated debated among community.


02 December

Nguyen, convicted Australian heroin smuggler,executed in Singapore. The first since McAuliffe in Malaysia in 1993.


03 October

Dr Barry Marshall & Dr Robbin Warner won the Nobel Prize for Medicine, proving that a bacteria not stress caused stomach ulcers & gastritis.


02 October

Suicide bombers once again targeted tourists in Bali, with another bomb attack.


27 May

Schapelle Corby sentenced to 20yr jail term in Bali for possession of over 4kg of marijuana.


17 May

Kylie Minogue cancels Australian Showgirl tour due to breast cancer diagnosis


18 April

The Bali Nine are arrested in Bali for allegedly smuggling 11kg of heroine into Sydney


16 March

The Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Commissions is officially abolished by Federal legislation


28 February

Cate Blanchett wins Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in The Aviator


18 April

The Sydney Herald (later to become The Sydney Morning Herald) was first published.


10 September

A penal settlement is established at Redcliffe on Moreton Bay (still NSW). The following February it is moved to the Brisbane River, which is now the City of Brisbane

Things to See

  • Admirals Arch

    Admirals Arch

  • Art Gallery of NSW

    Art Gallery of NSW

  • Australian Centre for Moving Images

    Australian Centre for Moving Images

  • Bare Island

    Bare Island

  • Bay Cafe - WA

    Bay Cafe - WA

  • Bells Beach - Victoria

    Bells Beach - Victoria