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Part of Australia's charm is its history. It also makes for some great places to visit! So take a journery down Australia's timeline & see what you can discover, or even learn.


09 July

Tasman travel bubble resumes between Western Australia & New Zealand [Covid-19]


01 May

Flights from Western Australian to New Zealand paused for 24 hours. [Covid-19]


28 April

New Zealand resumes quarantine-free travel with Western Australia. [Covid-19]


24 April

Travel between New Zealand and Western Australia is suspended following a 3 day lockdown in the metropolitan area of Perth. [Covid-19]


13 March

The Western Australian state election is held with the incumbent McGowan Labor government winning with a large majority.


27 June

The Western Australian Government announced the state would move into "Phase 4", permitting some of the most relaxed Covid-19 restrictions in the country


26 May

Rio Tinto blows up the Juukan Gorge, a region inhabited by Australian Aborigines for 46,000 years, to expand an iron ore mine


24 April

Perth Airport blocks runways with bulldozers to pressure Virgin Australia Airlines Pty Ltd to pay its $16 million debt


24 March

Western Australia closed their borders, with all interstate arrivals being required to self-isolate for 14 days [Covid-19]


15 September

The Matagurup Refugee Camp is founded in Perth to defend Aboriginal Rights


08 September

Peter Brock, an Australian motor racing driver, was killed in an accident on the Targa West road rally


26 February

WA Labor Government of Dr Geoff Gallop is returned with a solid majority

Things to See

  • Fremantle Prison

    Fremantle Prison

  • Lake Cave

    Lake Cave

  • Sand Dunes

    Sand Dunes

  • St Mary's Cathedral

    St Mary's Cathedral

  • St Patrick`s Church

    St Patrick`s Church

  • St. Ildephonsus

    St. Ildephonsus