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Part of Australia's charm is its history. It also makes for some great places to visit! So take a journery down Australia's timeline & see what you can discover, or even learn.


06 December

Captain Matthew Flinders reached and named Cape Leeuwin and proceeded to make a survey along the southern coast of the Australian mainland.


29 December

Dutch explorer Willem de Vlamingh charted the southwestern coast of Australia, making a landfall at Rottnest Island and the site of the present-day city of Perth.


05 January

English explorer William Dampier explored the West Coast of Australia making many discoveries, before later being court-martialled for cruelty.


04 June

The ship Batavia wrecked on Houtman Abrolhos, off Geraldton. Mutiny ensued and at least 110 men, women and children were murdered. First European structure in Australia


25 May

The Tryall, under the command of John Brooke, was wrecked on the Tryal Rocks off the north-west coast of Western Australia in 1622. Her crew were the first Englishmen to sight or land on Australia. The wreck is Australia's oldest known shipwreck.


25 October

Dutch captain Dirk Hartog lands at Dirk Hartog Island on the western coast of Australia. He left behind a commemorative plate, the Hartog Plate.

Things to See

  • Fremantle Prison

    Fremantle Prison

  • Lake Cave

    Lake Cave

  • Sand Dunes

    Sand Dunes

  • St Mary's Cathedral

    St Mary's Cathedral

  • St Patrick`s Church

    St Patrick`s Church

  • St. Ildephonsus

    St. Ildephonsus