Is COVID-19 affecting you? - Survey


How is COVID-19 affecting you? - Survey

Is COVID-19 affecting you? - Survey

Coffee shops are empty. Schools are silent. People are lining up for unemployment benefits.  Shops are running out of staples, and toilet rolls are nowhere to be found.  We're hunting for personal protection equipment and hand sanitiser.  

Shops are closed, people are working from home & the roads are quiet.  Sport has stopped, the Olympics postponed & events cancelled. We're self-isolating and constantly washing our hands. No ones touching, hugging or shaking hands, but instead we are tapping elbows or ankles. We're missing our family and friends, but we're dressing up to take our garbage out or dancing in our drive-ways. Our borders are closed, our nation is in lockdown.

People are getting sick, and people are dying.

Welcome to the year of COVID-19.

So how are you coping in the current COVID-19 pandemic? What concerns do you have? How has your behaviour changed? How are you feeling emotionally and physically? What do you think of the government response? 

Researchers from Edith Cowan University, Dr Shane Rogers and Dr Travis Cruickshank, would like to know your experiences and thoughts on COVID-19. 

This is a research study & the findings will be presented as research articles and reports to relevant health and government authorities.

Please take the time to answer a 5-15 minute survey about your views. 

16 Apr 2020