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Puppeteers manipulating air-filled white horse puppets in Perth City.

WA Events

Avon Descent

Avon Descent

The Avon Descent is an annual, 2 day white water event along the Avon and Swan Rivers in …

WA Events

Mandurah Crab Fest

Mandurah Crab Fest

Mandurah is famous for its Blue Manna crabs, which is evident by their annual Channel Seven Crab Fest.


Things to See around you

  • Sand Dunes

    Sand Dunes

  • St Mary's Cathedral

    St Mary's Cathedral

  • Fremantle Prison

    Fremantle Prison

  • Lake Cave

    Lake Cave

  • St. Ildephonsus

    St. Ildephonsus

  • St Patrick`s Church

    St Patrick`s Church