Staycationing in Australia

In March 2020, due to the Covid-19 virus, travel & tourism changed in the World. Our nation's borders were locked, our state/territory borders were locked, and our regional boundaries were locked.

Like other businesses, our travel & tourism industries were in lock-down. However, while society dealt with dramas associated with the virus, and rebuilding the economy after the pandemic, we are & will be for the foreseeable future locked down geographically.

While we may not be able to help the travel industry, we can save our tourism industry. How do we do that?

We all like to holiday. Most of us every year feel the need to get away with friends or family. Lucky Australia is a very big country & there are many places we have never been to. So now is your time to start discovering your own region, and then as restrictions eases, discover other regions of Australia. Enjoy the journey as you staycation in Australia!


Destination Staycation

Travel Tips

  • Using a CB Radio

    Using a CB Radio

    A CB radio means you can communicate with other vehicles and with emergency services almost anywhere.

  • Camping Essentials List

    Camping Essentials List

    The last thing you want to do is find out that you have forgotten something or wished you had brought something with you.

Things to See in Australia