Byron Bay - NSW

Byron Bay - NSW





Byron Bay - New South Wales

Byron Bay has is one of the world's best surf towns, with warm water and consistent waves.  The Byron Bay population has grown rapidly, but it’s still very relaxed and the beaches are just as beautiful as ever. Byron Bay has a chilled out atmosphere, many quaint shops and some great wave options for surfers of all abilities

The Pass is a World famous surfing spot & a great location for a beginners point-break wave. The wave slowly breaks on one side so the surfer can ride the open face as it runs down the point. It's a long ride and ideal for the longer type learner’s surfboard.  The Pass is quite protective and a very popular spot close to barbeque and shower facilities.

Wategos Beach is located just north west of Cape Byron and the lighthouse.  You can get a decent size swell when the crowds aren’t too numerous, and the sun is still out  Take a range of boards and really enjoy yourself.