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Surfing fun with friends at any one of WA's awesome beaches.

Avon Descent

Avon Descent

08 Jul 2019

The Avon Descent is an annual, 2 day white water event along the Avon and Swan Rivers in Western Australia.

Top 25 Things to do in Perth Western Australia

Top 25 Things to do in Perth

01 Sep 2017

Perth is one of the most remote cities in the World, but it doesn't mean it lacks in things to do! Check out what the capital of Western Australia has to offer.

Kalgoorlie Annual Events The Goldfields / Western Australia

Kalgoorlie Annual Events

02 Oct 2016

Kalgoorlie has a wide range of events to attend. From the not so usual, to the more popular events each year.
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  • Fremantle Prison

    Fremantle Prison

  • Lake Cave

    Lake Cave

  • Sand Dunes

    Sand Dunes

  • St Mary's Cathedral

    St Mary's Cathedral

  • St Patrick`s Church

    St Patrick`s Church

  • St. Ildephonsus

    St. Ildephonsus