Devil's Pool

Devil's Pool

Devil's Pool

Devil's Pool is a natural pool in a treacherous stretch of Babinda Creek and a place of spiritual significance for Aboriginal people. This unsuspecting waterhole holds a sinister centuries-old Aboriginal history.

Legend has it that Oolana, a woman of the Yidinji tribe, was given to Waroonoo, a very old, wise and respected elder. A man named Dyga from a passing tribe caught her eye & it was love at first sight. They knew their desire for each other would never be permitted, so they decided to run away.

The 2 tribes searched for them and came upon the two lovers at Devil’s Pool. Dyga’s tribesmen seized Dyga, forcing him away. They claimed they had been shamed and would travel far away and never return.

The Yidinjis took hold of Oolana and were dragging her back to the tribe when she broke away and flung herself into the creek. As Oolana struck the water the land shook as she cried for her lover to come to her. But Dyga was gone.

Rushing water cascaded over the whole area. Huge boulders were thrown up and she disappeared into them. Oolana had become part of the stones, as if to guard that very spot.

To this very day, her spirit remains. Some say that at times her anguished calls can be heard, calling out for her lover to return. Wandering travellers are warned to take care lest Oolana calls them too close to her beautiful waters. She continues to hunt for her lost lover.

Her spirit remains in the pool's depths, apparently luring young men to their death. There have been reports of 16 young men who have strangely met their maker in the pool. Most were transient backpackers, like Dyga.

The crystal clear waters have unpredictable rapid rising waters & strong currents. The victims appear to be submerged until they reach the end of the stream. Almost as if they have been pulled and held underwater by an invisible force.

05 Oct 2021

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