Perth   - Western Australia
The Perth City Skyline taken from across the Swan River in South Perth.

Perth Metro & Peel Region

Western Australia

The North West Region is one of the world's last great wilderness areas, with fewer people per square kilometre than most places on the planet.

Much of the North West coast is uninhabited with numerous offshore islands and long stretches of isolated coastline providing a huge variety of habitats that support diverse animal and plant communities such as; huge turtles, predatory fresh and saltwater crocodiles, unique marsupial kangaroos and wallabies, wildflowers, waterlilies, panduanus palms, fan palms and magnificent boab trees.

One of the world's last great wildernesses, the North West has an immense and complex landscape that encompasses spectacular gorges, waterfalls and cave systems and pockets of lush rainforest. It's also renowned for some of the best fishing in the world. Where else can you experience the thrill of game fishing so close to the coastline?

The North West region is an unforgettable adventure to explore where rustic red and green colours flood the landscape forming over a million square kilometers of extraordinary grandeur, colour and contrast. It also has a tendency to get into your blood with many people who come on short-term contracts often ending up staying several years or in many cases a lifetime. Australia's North Wests great weather and laid back lifestyle makes it a favorite holiday destination.

The estuarine or saltwater crocodile 'Salties', and the Johnson crocodile known as 'Freshies' are considered to be the most dangerous, and are the two main species that occupy the region, growing up to seven metres in length. Extreme caution must be taken in any waterways where saltwater crocodiles may exist. Observe warning signs and if in doubt, don't swim, canoe or use small boats in estuaries, tidal rivers and deep pools.

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