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Derek Whittingham
334 City Road, Southbank, Victoria, Australia, 3006,
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The Official home of Rap Jumping. Forward Abseiling with a Pulse! Courses and Group bookings available. Come join the fun

Rap Jumping is a highly advanced form of freestyle rope work. The method we use is a forward SRT rappel commonly known as the "Aussie Rappel" developed by the Australian SAS. Safety is our first priority with a 100% safety record since commercialization 1989. Instructors are carefully selected for ability, thoroughly trained and will personally instruct you on every jump. You are in total control of your speed of descent, but there is also a brake person as a double safety measure.

Our abseiling courses are available for everyone, from beginners through to experienced thrill seekers. We offer an Introduction to Abseil course for those with little to no experience, teaching the basic skills and procedures of traditional abseiling. Those who want a more advanced experience will enjoy our Rap Jumping course. Conducted by our extremely experienced and qualified instructors, we ensure that safety is our first priority. Our instructors are dedicated to giving you the best experience!


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Date Submitted: 24-Jan-2016
Last Updated: 16-Jul-2017

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