Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

We review every website submitted.

This is a human edited directory, so all submissions will be dependent on the reviewer. There are certain guidelines to be included in the directory, and for being rejected. If your site is rejected, check with the list below and see if you fall into any of these areas. If your site doesn't fall into any of these areas of rejection, you can contact us for a secondary review of your site. Sites that are rejected will only recieve a rejection email, if you require more explanation for your rejection contact us. It is your responsibility to read the submission guidelines, as there is no refund on submission fees.

What WILL NOT be included:

  • Sites that try to download anything upon opening
  • Sites that have popups
  • Sites that try to change the users window on opening
  • Sites that cause a crash on opening
  • Sites that contain child pornography, or any other offensive material
  • Sites that have nothing to offer viewers or travellers IN Australia 
  • Sites that aren't located in Australia (exception given to travel sites that promote Australia or Australian activites)
  • Sites that are not compatable with browsers other than Internet Explorer.  Sites must be able to be viewed in at least FireFox, Mozilla & Opera.  (we will make exception for sites that have problems in older browsers, or on Macs).
  • Sites that are flooded with spammy keywords.
  • Sites that require registration to view them (excluding forums, chat rooms).  Content should be easily accessible.
  • eCommerce sites not clearly stating postal and trading address, and Australian Business Number (A.B.N.).
  • Any sites where ads are displayed in such a way that they can be confused with the normal navigation of the site.
  • Sites on free hosting services or without a registered domain name.
  • Sites whose content is primarily affiliate marketing.
  • Sites where the majority of content is still under construction.
  • Sites that have a limited life.
  • Sites that are submitted with a Yahoo, Hotmail or any other free email address.
  • Sites advertising Viagra or products of that type.
  • Online Casinos, Pharmacies or Finance Brokers.
  • eBay Stores.


What SHOULD BE noted:

  • As all Australian businesses should have an Australia Business Number,  most sites should be able to display their A.B.N.
  • International sites that dont have a specific regional section for Australia will be refused with no reason given.  If you have an International site that has a separate section for Australia, then we will accept links for that section only.
  • Sites should have content easily navigatable.  Mobile phones will be used to access sites, and access to the net is chargeable on a per time basis.  Therefore, it is important that users be able to access resources without lengthy delays.
  • Additional Category Inclusion - If you feel that your site would be of value in more than one category, submit it to the categories involved, but inclusion in the other categories is at our discretion, and you will NOT be notified if we have decided NOT to include it in the additional categories.
  • Mirrored Sites / Duplicate Content  -  As we are aware that many directories only include specific domains, and site owners have been purchasing .com & domains, we will approve sites from these domains that have mirrored the sites to accomodate for the 2 domains.  However, these are the only kind of mirrored sites we will accept.