Tourism is an important component of the Australian economy.

Tourism in Australia

In today's world, if you're interested in researching or booking a journey to a foreign destination, you only have to pull out your mobile device, do a search online, and find everything you are after. The Web has given us the ability to research vacation destinations with tools like Google Maps, Google Street View, YouTube, Facebook & Instagram. It's made it possible for us to obtain imagary and online reviews. The world's websites and smartphone apps are open 24hrs a day, 365 days of the year. They have enabled unfettered access to these great destinations, able to check out prices, services & facilities, and book at a moment's notice.

Word of mouth has never been more important.  Social media and review websites have made it a requirement for your establishment to be talked about favourably.  Having a great website for people to find or be sent to, is more important than print advertising, as print advertising is a one-time deal & your website is there forever.

So we've decided that we would share some of our knowledge to give you a leg up on the Web.


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