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Jervis Bay Territory

Jervis Bay Territory

The Jervis Bay Territory (JBT) is a territory of the Commonwealth of Australia, and is the smallest of all the mainland states and territories of Australia.

Parkes' (Murriyang) Role in Space

Parkes' (Murriyang) Role in Space Central West

Parkes Observatory is a radio telescope observatory is owned and operated by Australia’s national science agency – CSIRO.

Where to camp & swim around Perth

Where to camp & swim around Perth Perth / Peel

Swimming spots, both inland and along the coast, where you can pitch your tent right by the water.

12 swimming holes within 200km of Perth

12 swimming holes within 200km of Perth Western Australia

Western Australia has become well known for its inland lakes, rivers, swimming holes and dams.

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  Road TRIPS

Travel Safe with LPG Cylinders

Travel Safe with LPG Cylinders

LPG cylinders should be properly restrained, stood upright, checked for leaks and bottle condition.

Using a CB Radio

Using a CB Radio

A CB radio means you can communicate with other vehicles and with emergency services almost anywhere.

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Dangerous Australian Animals & Insects

Dangerous Animals & Insects

Australia has a reputation for its dangerous animals, even if somewhat exaggerated.

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Camping Essentials List

Camping Essentials List

The last thing you want to do is find out that you have forgotten something or wished you had brought something with you.

Bushfires Australia - Plan & Act

Bushfires Australia - Plan & Act

It is ALWAYS a good idea for you to develop a written bushfire survival plan when traveling around Australia.

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  Things to DO

Nannup Flower & Garden Festival

Nannup Flower & Garden Festival South West / WA

Every year there is a wide range of free events, info sessions, an array of open gardens, and a host of market stalls.

Avon Descent

Avon Descent

The Avon Descent is an annual, 2 day white water event along the Avon and Swan Rivers in Western Australia.

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Tips & Hacks

  • Bush Safety in Australia

    Bush Safety in Australia

    If you’re bushwalking or exploring national parks it can take hours to get help in the event of an emergency.

  • Australia on a Budget

    Australia on a Budget

    Australia has a reputation of being an expensive place to visit. But there are also many things you can do on a shoestring budget & still have a really good …

  • Always Carry a First Aid Kit

    Always Carry a First Aid Kit

    Always carry a first aid kit. Your first aid kit should be compact and easy to carry. It should be the first thing you find when you reach in your …

  • Bush Fires in Australia

    Bush Fires in Australia

    Australians live with the risk of bush fires. Hot weather, long dry periods, and volatile natural vegetation makes most parts of Australia particularly vulnerable to fire.

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