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The Gold Coast

The Gold Coast Queensland

The Gold Coast is in the state of Queensland, approximately 66km south-southeast of the state's capital Brisbane and north of the border with New South …

The Ghan - A journey by train

The Ghan - A journey by train

The Ghan is an Australian passenger train service that travels between Adelaide, Alice Springs and Darwin on the Adelaide - Darwin railway.

Craigs' Hut

Craigs' Hut High Country/Victoria

Mount Stirling is located a 3 hour drive from Melbourne and it is here you will find Craig's Hut, the famous cattlemen's hut featured in …

Alligator Gorge

Alligator Gorge South Australia

Alligator Gorge is within the scenic Mount Remarkable National Park, in the Southern Flinders Ranges, just 10km south of Wilmington.

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Dangerous Australian Animals & Insects

Dangerous Animals & Insects

Australia has a reputation for its dangerous animals, even if somewhat exaggerated.

Australian Weather Conditions

Australian Weather Conditions

Australia has tropical conditions in the north, dry desert in the centre and conditions ranging from dry to heavy rain and snow in the south.


Sand Dunes

Sand Dunes

  Tips & HACKS

Travel Safe with LPG Cylinders

Travel Safe with LPG Cylinders

LPG cylinders should be properly restrained, stood upright, checked for leaks and bottle condition.

Using a CB Radio

Using a CB Radio

A CB radio means you can communicate with other vehicles and with emergency services almost anywhere.

Camping Essentials List

Camping Essentials List

The last thing you want to do is find out that you have forgotten something or wished you had brought something with you.

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  Things to DO

The Monte Cristo Homestead

The Monte Cristo Homestead Junee, New South Wales

Visitors to the Monte Cristo Homestead report weeing eerie lights at the homestead or wierd feelings where murders have occured.

Devil's Pool

Devil's Pool Babinda, Queensland

Devil's Pool is a natural pool in a treacherous stretch of Babinda Creek (Qlnd) which holds a sinister centuries-old Aboriginal history.

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Tips & Hacks

  • Travelling with Your Pet

    Travelling with Your Pet

    Travelling with your pets can save money on kennel/cattery fees, and you get to have your best friend with you.

  • Pet Friendly Holidays

    Pet Friendly Holidays

    More and more hotels & campsites are becoming pet friendly, including holiday parks and B&Bs, boutique properties and luxury hotels.

  • Bush Safety in Australia

    Bush Safety in Australia

    If you’re bushwalking or exploring national parks it can take hours to get help in the event of an emergency.

  • Australia on a Budget

    Australia on a Budget

    Australia has a reputation of being an expensive place to visit. But there are also many things you can do on a shoestring budget & still have a really good …

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