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Russell Falls

Russell Falls

Get ready for an adventure at Mt Field National Park's Russell Falls, a beautiful tiered-cascade waterfall located in Tasmania's Central Highlands. At just 70km away from Hobart, this stunning natural wonder is easily accessible via the Brooker and Lyell highways.

Nestled within the stunning landscapes of Tasmania, Mt Field National Park is home to one of the state's most iconic natural wonders: Russell Falls. This awe-inspiring waterfall cascades magnificently over tiered rock formations, creating a picturesque vista that's truly breathtaking to behold. As you stroll through the park's lush green forests and moss-covered trails, the roar of the falls grows ever louder, building anticipation with each footstep. And finally, as you round the bend, there it is: a towering cascade of water that seems to fall endlessly from the heavens.

Take an easy walk through a mixed forest of towering swamp gums, the world's tallest flowering plant, and other typical wet forest and cool temperate rainforest species like dogwood, musk, and myrtle.

Conveniently located near the start of the track, visitors will find toilets, electric barbecues, a kiosk and Visitors Centre. Keep in mind that park entry fees apply.

This popular destination is suitable for all ages and abilities, with a very easy track that's wheelchair and stroller-friendly. Choose to return via the same track or follow the creek back by crossing the bridge below the falls. Don't miss out on this breathtaking natural treasure!

Russell Falls is not to be missed and is a true testament to the natural beauty of Tasmania.