Where all the decisions are made, Parliament House, Canberra.

Canberra City


War Memorial
War Memorial

The name Canberra is apparently derived from the word Kambera or Canberry and means a "meeting place".

Canberra (Ngambri) is the capital city of Australia and home to Parliament House where the countries decisions are made.  is the capital city of Australia and home to Parliament House where the countries decisions are made. It is one of the world's few planned cities, a city built within a park with 2330 square kilometres (900 square miles) set aside for the country's capital, and 53% of which today remains nature park or reserve. It is a thriving modern city with stylish restaurants, hip bars and boutique shopping. Throughout the year Canberra enjoy many festivals and events, and includes many family orientated activities.

Canberra is a modern, rapidly expanding city located on the Molonglo River in a predominantly agricultural region. It is built around the artificially-created Lake Burley Griffin and the government is the major employer, but tourism and light-manufacturing industries are growing. The most distinguishing feature about Canberra is how it has melded Government offices, Embassies and public buildings within expansive parks and gardens, which provide a visual delight during autumn and spring. Canberra is a very modern city which has been developed according to urban planning principals in providing distinct neighbourhoods and an excellent road network.

On 27 January 1972 the Aboriginal Tent Embassy was first established on the grounds of Parliament House to draw attention to indigenous rights and land issues and has continued to be occupied since 1992.





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