Sunset over sand dunes on the Eyre Peninsula.

Eyre Peninsula

South Australia

The rich natural bounty of the Eyre Peninsula is spread over 2,000 kilometres of coastline, offering some spectacular holiday experiences.

The Eyre Peninsula surrounds the South Australia end of the Nullarbor Plain and cover 2000 kilometres of spectacular coastline, most of it being part of the Great Australian Bight and open to the Southern Ocean. It offers golden beaches, great fishing and dramatic coastal features. This vast region encompasses over 100 spectacular national parks and reserves.

The Eyre Peninsula is 2000 kilometres of coastline stretching 1000 km from the Western Australian/South Australian border to Whyalla and 400km from the Gawler Ranges to Port Lincoln in the south. You can explore towering limestone cliffs, sweeping surf beaches with footprint free beaches, sheltered coves and bays, remarkable rocks and rugged ranges with volcanic monoliths over 1500 million years old and the stark salt lakes of the Gawler Ranges. Tour the hinterland of golden grain, rolling hills and farmland, and the vast desert plains extending right up to the Outback where there are no crowds and traffic to battle, and you can enjoy an intense sense of solitude. When it's time to rejoin civilisation there are beautiful seaside towns and friendly farming communities. Discover sheltered bays, booming surf beaches and spectacular lookouts, or hike along the breathtaking coastline and taste local wine from cellar doors overlooking Boston Bay.

Port Lincoln is one of the world's largest protected harbours with fabulous fishing from beach, rock, jetty or boats. Try diving with sharks or try some fishing and sailing in one of the sheltered bays. Watch in wonder from viewing platforms built above the towering Bunda Cliffs as up to 100 Southern Right Whales migrate along the South Australian coast to Antarctica. On the far west coast of Eyre Peninsula you can interact with sea lions and dolphins in the pristine waters of Baird Bay. From May to August snorkel among Australian giant cuttlefish in their annual spawning grounds offshore from Whyalla and marvel as they change colour and texture to blend with their environment. The Eyre Peninsula also accounts for 60 per cent of the State's seafood on Australia's only extensive seafood and aquaculture trail. If you're an experienced surfer, then the South Coast has a lot to offer in the form of left-hand surfing breaks of Castles and Cactus and the mighty right-hand break of Caves.


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