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Alligator Gorge

Alligator Gorge

Alligator Gorge

Alligator Gorge is within the scenic Mount Remarkable National Park, in the Southern Flinders Ranges,  just 10km south of Wilmington.

Mount Remarkable National Park is only a short drive from Adelaide and an ideal place to take the family. This national park has impressive beauty with its high ochre ridges, deep gorges and watercourses lined with river red gums. Check out the beautiful flora and fauna of Mount Remarkable National Park which includes spring native wildflowers, orchids and various other flora that are particularly prominent during the spring months. The fauna includes wallabies, kangaroos, emus, kookaburras & other native birds. Trees along the walk include towering native pines, gum trees and shrubbery.

You will need a permit for Mount Remarkable National Park, which you can obtain only online. At the highway turnoff you will find a sign directing you to the website to pay for the permit. There is mobile coverage at the sign, so you will be able to access the Internet there to buy the permit.

Over millions of years the Alligator Creek cut the gorge though ancient rocks. You will find colourful rock formations and narrowly-spaced cliffs where the gorge narrows to only 3 metres wide. Keep an eye out for the fossilised ripples, old rocks and the history of the planet printed on the rocks.

You will be surprised to find out that there are no alligators in Alligator Gorge. Apparently, Alligator Gorge is named after a local shepherd called Ally, who lived in the area. Alligator Gorge is a quintessential slice of the fiery, rugged and beautiful terrain of the Southern Flinders Ranges.

Visiting in the middle of winter transforms the place to a series of waterfalls and running streams. After wet weather if the creek is running there can be quite a lot of water in the gorge. In the Summertime the sun’s rays peek through to this cool, shady space.

Take a picnic lunch and challenge yourself to the walking trails. There are very steep steps, with a handrail, down into the Gorge, you can then walk along a path or rock hop along the creek to the Narrows. Don't forget your camera! And remember to take plenty of water.

There are short walking trails of 250m or 350m, or you can also take longer hikes. Signage says it's a 2 hour hike, but apparently it can take just over 1 hour. You will find great views of the area on the way up to starting point. Wear hiking boots. The trail is not suitable for sandals or thongs. You will need to be careful on the steps, as the rocks can become very slippery when wet. There are rest areas and seating along the way.

If you don't want to walk there are some good views from nearby viewing platforms. The lookout itself is quiet and picturesque. Through the high trees and bushland, you can still see the awesome red rocks and cliffs from above and below. You will find serval camera opportunities with the red sandstone rock. You'll be offered stunning views with different formations and shades of ochre all over the place.

Pets are not allowed in Mount Remarkable National Park. There are toilets available at the car park and signs point you to what path you want to walk on. Picnic facilities and barbecues are also available. Long-vehicle parking is also accommodated.

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20 Apr 2018

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