The Sydney Opera House and The Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Greater Sydney

Sydney is a dynamic cultural hub that has grown to be a wealthy and prosperous city.

Whether you prefer to explore a bustling city or relax in nature, Greater Sydney, New South Wales has something for everyone. From the iconic Sydney Opera House to the lush Blue Mountains National Park, this area is one of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations. Let’s take a look at what makes the Greater Sydney region so special.

The Iconic Harbour City

There’s no denying that the hustle and bustle of Sydney is one of its greatest draws. The harbour city is world-renowned for its vibrant culture, delicious cuisine, and beautiful beaches. From Bondi Beach to Manly Beach, there are plenty of popular spots to soak up some sun and get your fill of salty ocean air. If you’d rather stay ashore, be sure to check out the Royal Botanic Gardens or take a tour of The Rocks—Sydney's oldest neighbourhood and home to some incredible street art installations.

The urban area has around 70 harbour and ocean beaches, including the famous Bondi Beach. Sydney is well-endowed with open spaces and access to waterways, and has many natural areas (botanic gardens and parks).

Sydney hosts many different festivals and some of Australia's largest social and cultural events. Sydney's most popular nightspots include Kings Cross, Oxford Street, Darling Harbour, Circular Quay and The Rocks, which all contain various bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

Bondi Beach
Aerial Photo of Sydney City
Circular Quays

The Outback Adventure

Heading west from Sydney towards Lithgow offers an entirely different experience than that offered by the city. Here you can find yourself surrounded by rolling hills covered in eucalyptus trees as far as the eye can see. The Blue Mountains National Park is particularly stunning; here you can go hiking through dense forests while soaking up breathtaking views that evoke a sense of peace and tranquility. You can also explore local Aboriginal sites like Nurragingy Reserve or take part in various activities such as abseiling or horse riding in scenic locations like Jenolan Caves or Kanangra Boyd National Park.

First Nation People

First Nation people have had a long connection with this area, dating back at least 50,000 years before the First Fleet arrived in 1788. It is the home of the Kunring-gai & Eora First Nation People. The original Aboriginal inhabitants of the City of Sydney local area are the Gadigal people. First Nation people have continued this close connection with Sydney with events like the Blak Markets to shop for Aboriginal products. The event is hosted up to 8 times a year & the location often changes. Events feature song, dance, bush tucker foods, craft stalls, smoking ceremonies and entertainers. Profits are returned to local Aboriginal communities. The market also trains and employs young Aboriginal people in coffee shops, retail, food preparation and supervision.  There is also the country’s oldest museum,  the Australian Museum in the heart of Sydney, where you can take a personalised guided tour of the First Australians galleries.  You can also take one of the guided tours to explore stories of local Aboriginal history, or visit the Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden's to explore the garden’s rich Aboriginal heritage through the many uses of the plants that grow here.

City Meets Countryside

The Greater Sydney region offers something for everyone—whether you want to enjoy big city life with all its conveniences or get away from it all with a bit of nature exploration, this area has it all! In fact, many visitors enjoy combining some time in the city with an outback adventure; this way they get to experience both sides without having to travel too far from their starting point! With so much beauty on offer here, it's easy to understand why Greater Sydney continues to attract travellers from around the world year after year!

New Australians

In 2016 only 33.1% of the population in Sydney had both parents born in Australia.  Sydney has been a major port of arrival for immigrants to Australia. Migrants have contributed a lot to the Greater Sydney region.  The 3 largest immigrant groups were from the Middle East, South-East Asia and Yugoslavia. These 3 regions had been affected by civil wars, so they came to Sydney under the Federal Government's humanitarian program.

If you're looking for an unforgettable destination that combines urban living with natural beauty then look no further than Greater Sydney, New South Wales! From bustling city streets filled with unique culture and delicious food to rugged terrain offering spectacular views and outdoor adventures - there's something here for everyone! So pack your bags and start planning your trip today - you won't regret it when you're surrounded by all this beauty!




The Sydney region has 2000 First Nation Peoples rock engraving locations from the Daruk tribe – whose land spanned from Botany Bay to Pittwater.

Built in 1816, Cadman's Cottage in The Rocks is the oldest house in Sydney.


The Beauty of Crystal Shower Waterfalls
The Beauty of Crystal Shower Waterfalls

Crystal Shower Falls walk starts from the Dorrigo Rainforest Centre and the walk takes you behind the waterfall.

The Sapphire Coast
The Sapphire Coast

The Sapphire Coast stretches from Bermagui to the north in New South Wales to the Victorian border in the south.

The Monte Cristo Homestead
The Monte Cristo Homestead

Visitors to the Monte Cristo Homestead report seeing eerie lights at the homestead or weird feelings where murders have occurred.

New South Wales - Overview
About New South Wales

New South Wales, the first frontier! It from here that the rest of Australia began its journey. So not only do you get to enjoy all it has to offer, but you also get to witness a bit of history also.

Explore Nobby’s Beach
Explore Nobby’s Beach

Nobby’s Beach is full of activities and fun for the whole family

Uncovering the Beauty of Mungo National Park
Uncovering the Beauty of Mungo National Park

Mungo National Park – a vast expanse of ancient landscapes and unique wildlife that will take your breath away.

Surfing Champions of NSW
Surfing Champions of NSW

If you’re looking for some of the best surfers in the world, look no further than New South Wales, Australia!

Wagga Wagga  -  Bushrangers & Heritage
Wagga Wagga - Bushrangers & Heritage

Bushrangers were a common sight in the small town of Wagga Wagga during the 1800s.

The Great Dividing Range
The Great Dividing Range

The Great Dividing Range is Australia's most impressive mountain range and the 3rd longest land-based range in the world.

Orange - Home of the Purple Apples
A Taste of Orange without Oranges

The city of Orange sits at the foot of an extinct volcano, and is located in the Central West region of New South Wales, four hour’s drive west of Sydney.