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Broken Hill - A Movie Favourite

Broken Hill - A Movie Favourite

Broken Hill - A Movie Favourite

Broken Hill is an isolated frontier mining town in the far west outback of New South Wales. Many will remember Broken Hill from the movies 'The Adventures Of Pricilla Queen of the Desert' and 'Mad Max 2'. The latest installment of 'Mad Max - Fury Road' was scheduled to be filmed in Broken Hill, but unexpected heavy rainfall caused wildflowers to bloom, inappropriate for the look of the film, so the film's location was moved to Namibia (Africa). Broken Hill is a favourite film location.

Broken Hill is of high historical importance in Australia's mining and economic history, after the discovery of silver ore led to the opening of various mines. Broken Hill was built on precious metals, having once had the world's richest deposits of lead, zinc and silver. Broken Hill's mining history can be explored through the geology exhibits at the Albert Kersten Mining and Minerals Museum. In nearby Silverton, the disused 19th century Daydream Mine is open to the public. Broken Hill was listed on the National Heritage List in 2015 and remains Australia's longest running mining town.

North of Broken Hill is the Living Desert State Park featuring the Sculpture Symposium, a group of monumental sandstone sculptures.

Given the extensive daily hours of sunshine in Broken Hill, the Broken Hill Solar Plant was constructed and completed in 2015, and is one of the largestsolar plants in the Southern Hemisphere.

Broken Hill is located near the border of South Australia on the crossing of the Barrier Highway (A32) and the Silver City Highway (B79), in the Barrier Range. Adelaide is the closest major city, more than 500km to the southwest and linked via route A32.

Regional Express operates air services from Broken Hill Airport to and from Adelaide, Dubbo, Melbourne via Mildura and Sydney. Broken Hill railway station is one of the stops of the Indian Pacific passenger service, operated by the Great Southern Rail, from Sydney in to Perth via Adelaide.

Broken Hill (and the surrounding region) doesn't observe the same time zone as the rest of New South Wales. It observes Australian Central Standard Time (UTC+9:30), the same time zone used in South Australia and the Northern Territory. This occurred because when the Australian dominions adopted standard time, Broken Hill's only direct rail link was with Adelaide, not Sydney. In November 1927 the direct link to Sydney was completed.

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