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Kakadu National Park is located on the western edge of Arnhem Land & is one of Australia's great parks.

The Landscape

Kakadu National Park is one of Australia's great parks. It consists of 6000 square kilometres of land located on the western edge of Arnhem Land, and encompasses the broad flood plains drained by the South & East Alligator rivers, then the land abruptly rises at the 300 meter ancient sandstone wall of the Kakadu escarpment.

Majestic waterfalls tumble off the plateau during the monsoon season. Jim Jim Falls presents a glistening spectacle in spate as the torrent drops 200 meters, and Twin Falls pours through a gorge of towering walls. In the dry season the rivers become massively tidal, with rise up to 8 meters rushing inland for up to 80 kilometres twice a day.

The Wildlife

The regions growth is aided by the wet season and provides vistas of palms, with pockets of lush rainforest, colourful floral displays, large butterflies, crocodiles seemingly lying motionless on river banks and countless varieties of birds. The quiet of the land is only amplified with the symphony of wildlife which inhabits the area.

The 500 kilometre long ramparts have been worn down over millions of years. With its diversity of habitats, the park provides a home for 250 varieties of birds, 100 species of animals & reptiles and almost 1000 types of plants. Some of these are extremely rare; others are thought to occur only in the region of Kakadu. Among the birds are flocks of geese, brolgas and stately jabirus.

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  • Kakadu National Park

    Kakadu National Park

    Kakadu National Park is a vast biodiverse nature reserve consisting of wetlands, rivers and sandstone escarpments, abundant wildlife, salt water crocodiles and Aboriginal rock paintings.

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