Kangaroo on the beach at Lucky Bay, Cape Le Grand National Park.

Esperance & Golden Outback

Western Australia

If your after something different, exciting and adventurous, grab your metal detector and see if you can also become part of this living heritage.

The Goldfields are unique and diverse, with a history that spans many thousands of years, further back than the gold rushes of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.  The Goldfields offer a uniquely Australian outback adventure with a fascinating insight into the region’s colourful gold rush history.  The Goldfields were built on the hopes and dreams of fortune-seekers who flocked there following the discovery of gold in the 1890s.  Architectural buildings, historic pubs and even the infamous brothels of Kalgoorlie-Boulder are remnants of more than a century of gold rush history.  The Region supports a wide range of industry, including mining, agriculture, aquaculture and tourism.  

The Goldfields-Esperance region is the largest of Western Australia's regions, with an area of 770,488 km2, 70,800 kmlarger than the U.S. state of Texas.  The region supports the lowest stocking rates in the world, one sheep per square mile is considered the maximum sustainable rate, except in the small wetter area near Esperance. There are no rivers, any rainfall not absorbed by the dense rooting systems of native flora percolates to form extremely saline groundwater which is very frequently too salty even for adult sheep. Most rainfall is produced by thunderstorms in spring or summer or by cloud bands from the northwest in autumn and winter, but sometimes cyclones from the Pilbara decay into rain depressions and produce heavy rainfall. The Little Sandy Desert and the Gibson Desert are found in the northern part of the region with the Great Victoria Desert in the south east.


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  • Kambalda


    Kambalda is located 55km south of Kalgoorlie and was Australia’s first nickel town, built by Western Mining in the 1960s.

  • Menzies


    Menzies is a historic gold mining town where in 1894, a prospector named Robert Menzies stubbed his toe on the rich gold bearing rocks during the "gold rush".

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