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Kambalda is located 55 km south of Kalgoorlie and 130 km north of Norseman and was Australia’s first nickel town, built by Western Mining in the 1960s.

Kambalda's first modern settlement was located at the base of nearby Red Hill in 1897. The settlement of Red Hill was due to a prospector named Percy Larkin discovering gold in the area. Over the next ten years the gold field produced 30,000 ounces of gold. By 1908, Red Hill's gold fields had become depleted and the settlement was reverted to native bushland.

In 1954, two prospectors - Morgan and Cowcill found an unusual rock specimen which they presented to the Kalgoorlie School of Mines. The school identified the specimen as "Gossan" - a green nickel bearing ore. Ten years later, Morgan and Cowcill took their specimen to the Western Mining Corporation (WMC) and soon after WMC began exploratory drilling in the area it was found. By 1966, Kambalda's Silver Lake Mine had commenced production, triggering Australia's great nickel boom of the 1960s. Presently, Kambalda still relies on the nickel mining for its prosperity.

Red Hill Lookout

This lookout can be accessed via Gordon Adams Road. Here you can find a bush walking trail - with undercover picnic tables along the way - which leads to a wonderful view of Lake Lefroy and Kambalda East.

Kambalda Memorial Garden and Miners Memorial Wall

Located behind the Kambalda West Shire Office. The Memorial Wall honours miners who lost their lives whilst working in Kambalda's mines.

King's Battery

Here in the Kambalda area you can find the remnants of King's Battery which was used to process gold bearing ores from local gold mines.

Lake Lefroy

Heard of the gold rush - then here is the Wind Rush! Here is the place to go land sailing. Achieve speeds up to 100 kilometres per hour!

King's Battery

Here in the Kambalda area you can find the remnants of King's Battery which was used to process gold bearing ores from local gold mines.

  • Bank: yes
  • ATM: 1
  • Post Office: yes
  • Eftpos Facilities: yes - local shops
  • Shops: Woolworths & variety shops
  • Internet Access: Kambalda Telecentre
  • Public Swimming Pool - yes
  • Take-Away Food Outlets: yes
  • Service Station: yes

Annual Sky Diving Gathering

Kambalda - June

Kambalda Tourist Bureau
Emu Rocks Road
Kambalda West
Telephone: (08) 9027 1446
Facsimile: (08) 9027 3079

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08 Jan 2017


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