WA Surfing Spots

WA Surfing Spots

WA Surfing Spots

Type Level
Red Bluff reef break Intermediate
Vlamingh Head reef break Expert



Location Type Level
Flat Rocks reef break Beginner
Hell's gates reef break Expert
Jakes pointbreak Expert
The Spot reef break Intermediate



Location Type Level
Contacios / South Trigg beach break Beginner
Cottesloe pointbreak Intermediate
Cyclops reef break Expert
Little Salmon Bay reef break Intermediate
SandTrax pointbreak Intermediate
Scarborough beach break Intermediate
Sobbs breakwater/jetty Expert
Trigg Carparks beach break Intermediate


Rockingham / Mandurah

Location Type Level
4th Groyne beach break Beginner
Celestials reef break Intermediate
Falcon reef break Intermediate
Secret Harbour beach break Intermediate
Singelton beach break Intermediate


Margaret River / Yallingup

Location Type Level
Margaret River beach break Intermediate
North Point reef break Expert
Yallingup reef break Intermediate



Location Type Level
Blow Holes reef-rocky experienced surfers
Caseys - all surfers
Dingo beach beach-break experienced surfers
Lowlands beach sand-bar experienced surfers
Muttonbird island beach-break all surfers
Miserys beach-break experienced surfers
Middelton Beach (Surfers) beach-break beginners
Nanarup beach beach-break all surfers
Ocean beach beach-break all surfers
Sand patch reef-rocky experienced surfers
Salmon pools reef-rocky experienced surfers
Salmon holes reef reef-rocky experienced surfers



Location Type Level
Cheynes Point point-break experienced surfers
Peppermints beach-break all surfers


South East

Location Type Level
Conspicuous Beach reef-rocky all surfers

29 Jul 2017

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