The 12 Apostles, a collection of limestone stacks off the shore of Port Campbell National Park.


Victoria has some of the most colourful and eventful history in Australia. Victoria is also the cultural capital of Australia, home to many of the World's great wines, and some of the World's most famous surfing beaches.

Victoria is roughly the size of the British Isles, with its capital Melbourne located around the shores of Port Phillip Bay, with the city itself nested on the Yarra River, approximately five kilometres from the bay, and is Australia's 2nd largest city. Located in the south-east, bordered by South Australia and New South Wales, the landscape consists of mountains, rainforests, deserts, snowfields, vineyards and market gardens.

A network of first-class roads, connecting the state's cities and towns as well as interstate destinations, means it is easy to reach your destination by car, motorbike or bicycle.

In 1851 gold was discovered near Ballarat and at Bendigo. Discoveries then occurred across Victoria, triggering one of the largest gold rushes the world has ever seen. As a result of the gold rush, Melbourne had by then become the financial centre of Australia and New Zealand. Despite being the historic centre of Australia's gold rush, Victoria today contributes a mere 1% of national gold production.

Melbourne is the cultural capital of Australia, it is also regarded among many Australians as the sports and beer capital also. For many years Melbourne was the film and television industry headquarters. Part of the cultural experience is the many ethnic influences, which are stronger than in any other Australian city.  Victoria successfully combines heritage, nature, arts, architecture and class. It has a variety of landscapes from the dry outback, to snowy mountains and lush forests to an inspiring coastline.

Victoria is Australia's most densely populated state, with almost 75% of Victorians living in Melbourne, the state capital and largest city.

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