Red rock outcrop on the beach on Phillip Island.

Phillip Island


Wombats, Kangaroos, Pelicans & Penguins are just a sample of what can be found on Phillip Island.

Phillip Island is an Australian island about 140 km (87 mi) south-southeast of Melbourne. Phillip Island forms a natural breakwater for the shallow waters of the Western Port and has 97 km of coastline. The island is recognised as having some of the most consistently reliable and varied surf conditions in the country. The island has hosted various surf events in the past. 60% of the island is farmland devoted to grazing of sheep and cattle.

There is a wildlife park where wallabies and kangaroos roam freely amongst the visitors and can be fed by hand. Explore around the area called The Nobbies where you can walk along boardwalks built along the cliffs where you can view the splendour of the rugged coastal scenery. Observe the largest colony of fur seals in Australia at Seal Rocks.

Phillip Island experiences milder weather than Melbourne and is tempered by ocean breezes. The mean daily maximum temperature for February is 24.7°C, while for July it is 13.4°C. The prevailing wind for most of the year is a south-westerly which blows in off Bass Strait.


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