Esperance / Golden Outback

Western Australia

Mirning Country

Mundrabilla on the Nullarbor

Mundrabilla on the Nullarbor

Mundrabilla on the Nullarbor

Mundrabilla is located 62 kilometres west of Eucla and 115 kilometres east of Madura. Europeans settled in this area in 1872, due to good grazing lands and sufficient supply of water for stock. Today, Mundrabilla only receives approximately six inches of rain per year!

Great Australian Bight

Located twenty kilometres to the south via the Wanteen Beach Road. Great place for beach fishing - whiting and herring are commonly caught. Can't catch anything! No worries! You can purchase a fresh lobster from the Rock Lobster Receival Depot.


Located twenty kilometres to the west of Mundrabilla via the Old Coach Road are numerous small caves.

*Caution - Always let someone know where you are going and when you intend to return*

  • Roadhouse/Service (gas) Station: 5.30am to midnight seven days
  • Bar: attached to the roadhouse - open 11am to midnight
  • Medical: Royal Flying Doctor Service (emergencies only) 1800 625 800
  • Accommodation: Motel/Hotel

18 Dec 2013

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