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12 swimming holes within 200km of Perth

12 swimming holes within 200km of Perth

12 swimming holes within 200km of Perth

Usually famous for its white, sandy beaches Western Australia, in recent times,  has become equally well known for its inland lakes, rivers, swimming holes and dams.  The great news is, they aren't far from Perth!  How many have you tried, and how many more have you to try?

Rocky Pool - Kalamunda

Distance from Perth CBD: 32 km
Duration: 45 min drive
GPS: -31.953803 / 116.071665

A freshwater swimming hole located next to the 5km Rocky Pool Walk trail filled with wildflowers, wildlife and valley views in the Kalamunda National Park. Best to visit after a heavy rainfall so the water is in full flow and pockets fill with water to swim in. Make sure you are wearing a good pair of hiking books and are carrying plenty of water, especially on a hot day!

Oakley Dam - Pinjarra

Duration: 1 hr 15 min drive
Duration: 55 min drive
GPS: -32.652365 / 115.969264

Dog friendly

The Oakley Dam is a popular picnic and recreational spot a short drive from the town of Pinjarra. It sits alongside the Munda Biddi Trail for mountain bikers. There are picnic tables, bushwalking trails & places to swim. Leeches are in the area.

Bicton Baths - Perth

Distance from Perth CBD: 18 km
Duration: 24 min drive
GPS: -32.028529 / 115.777368

Situated on the Swan River in Bicton is a 30m+ pool and heated geothermal hydrotherapy pool right next to the popular Bicton Baths.

Lesmurdie Falls - Lesmurdie

Distance from Perth CBD: 23 km
Duration: 26 min drive
GPS:       -31.994366 / 116.032975

Dog friendly

A popular hike on a defined path will take you up or down the side of the falls, with stunning views along the way. At the top there are several trails which give you vantage points of Perth! Spectacular after a heavy rainfall.

Roley Pool Reserve  -   Roleystone

Distance from Perth CBD: 34 km
Duration: 33 min drive
GPS:   -32.128113 / 116.069089

Dog friendly

Roley Pool is located along the Canning River in the Canning Valley. It has a walk trail filled with wildlife & a flowing stream in the wetter months.  After a good rainfall it flows into small pools which are great for a dip.

Chidley Reserve - Mosman Park

Distance from Perth CBD: 15 km
Duration: 20 min drive
GPS:   -32.016791 / 115.779296

Dog friendly

Chidley Reserve is a little swimming spot on the Swan River. It’s sheltered & away from the wake of boats. It’s also kitted out with picnic tables, barbecues and toilets.

Yanchep Lagoon - Wanneroo

Distance from Perth CBD: 57 km
Duration: 43 min drive
GPS: -31.551442 / 115.636121

Dog friendly

The lagoon shape of the Yanchep beach reef makes it a popular swimming & fishing spot. The reef offers good protection from the elements & maintains visibility. Yanchep serves as a gateway to the coral coast.

Scarp Pool - Dwellingup

Distance from Perth CBD: 110 km
Duration: 90 min drive
GPS: -32.764667 / 115.997829

Scarp Pool is located within Lane Poole Reserve near Dwellingup. It is surrounded by lush forest & located among the rock-rimmed waters of the Murray River. There are canoe launch points & plenty of picnic sites.

Noble Falls - Gidgegannup

Distance from Perth CBD: 49 km
Duration: 43 min drive
GPS: -31.762328 / 116.240461

Dog friendly

Not so much a swimming spot, but it fills up quickly with a good rainfall and you can have a splash about or cool off the feet. If it’s peace and tranquility you are chasing, then this is it.

Black Diamond Lake - West Collie

Distance from Perth CBD: 197 km
Duration: 2hr drive
GPS: -33.341568 / 116.089629

Dog friendly

Black Diamond Lake’s base is limestone rock which is thought to be responsible for it’s signature blue colour. It is believed to be a result of sunlight reflecting off the lake’s base. Black Diamond Lake provides fantastic opportunities for kayaking and swimming.

Minninup Pool - Collie

Distance from Perth CBD: 203 km
Duration: 2hr drive
GPS: -33.376612 / 116.138561

Dog friendly

Minninup Pool is just south of Collie & boasts lush forest views. It’s one of the region’s most beautiful spots for kayakers & swimmers, or for a picnic, with plenty of tables and shady spots on the grass.

Long Pool - Collie

Distance from Perth CBD: 200 km
Duration: 2hr drive
GPS: -33.389621 / 115.945410

Long Pool is located just a few kilometres upstream from the larger Honeymoon Pool and situated along the Collie River. It is surrounded by shady forest which provides a peaceful, secluded place to swim with a small picnic site & features a convenient decked pathway that leads down into the water. It’s advised to arrive early to guarantee yourself a spot.

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