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Coolgardie is located 550 km east of Perth, approximately 40 km west of Kalgoorlie, & 187 km north of Norseman. It is the birthplace of the great gold rush of 1892.

Gold was discovered at Fly Flat, Coolgardie in September 1892 and was mined until 1963. During this period of time over 500,000 ounces of gold was extracted from the mine site.

The Coolgardie gold find was significant at the time due to the 'depression' being experienced in the eastern states of Australia. Hundreds of prospective gold miners came to Coolgardie to seek their own personal fortune. A great many of them died from thirst and disease. Within 10 years of the original gold find, Coolgardie's population grew to 16,000 people, and used to have 2 stock exchanges, 3 breweries, 7 newspapers and 26 hotels.  Coolgardie was once the third largest town in Western Australia.

The prospectors often went a long way into the desert to strike it rich. They were able to get themselves and equipment there by hiring camel drivers at a shilling per day.

Most prospectors quickly realised that water was a higher commodity than gold as you needed it to survive! Some prospectors hired local aboriginal guides to find water holes which were often found at the base of granite formations called gnammas.

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Located approximately 30km south of Coolgardie is Gnarlbine Rocks which was one of the few watering points known to the early prospectors.

Victoria Rocks

Head 18 km south of Gnarlbine Rocks and you will find Victoria Rocks which is much larger and higher than Gnarlbine Rocks. Victoria Rocks are known for their interesting sculptured shapes and the beautiful view of the bushland from the top of the summit.

Goldfields and Coolgardie Museum

The museum is located on Bayley Street in the historic Mining Wardens Court Building. You can view a wonderful photographic display of Coolgardie since the early 1890's. Take your time and roam from room to room to see wonderful historical memorabilia and aboriginal cultural artefacts.

Coolgardie Pharmacy Museum

Interested in medical and pharmacological history? Then come and visit Coolgardie's Pharmacy Museum where you can find and extensive display of 18th & 19th century medicines and antique pharmacist tools of trade. Open: 7.30 am to 4 pm.

Ben Prior's Park

Interested in Vintage Mining Equipment? Then Ben Prior's Park on Bayley Street, Coolgardie, is a must see with a number of old mining equipment on display. Entry is free.

Coolgardie Camel Farm

Since the gold boom of the 1890's, camels have been linked with Coolgardie. Come and visit the camel farm and try your hand at riding one of them or try an overnight camel trek - by arrangement.

  • Roadhouse: 3 + Cafes
  • Eftpos Facilities: Local general store and roadhouses
  • Internet facilities: Available at the Telecentre located adjacent to Coolgardie's Parklands

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18 May 2016


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