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Augusta offers the perfect family holiday and is on the south-west coast of Western Australia, where the Blackwood River emerges into Flinders Bay and is the nearest town to Cape Leeuwin which is on the farthest south-west corner of Australia. It's about half an hour's drive along the Bussell Highway & south of Margaret River town and 3.5 - 4 hours south of Perth.

The Dutch were the first Europeans to see the shores of Augusta in 1622 and named the nearby Cape "Landt van de Leeuwin" or Land of the Lioness. Flinders renamed it Cape Leeuwin in 1801, and later Augusta was formed in 1830.

Augusta was, for the most part, a summer holiday town until the late 1990s when many people chose to retire to the region for the cooler climate. This, coupled with rising land values in the Augusta Margaret River area, caused significant social change in the region.

Augusta faces the Southern and Indian Oceans at Cape Leeuwin on the shores of Hamelin Bay and mouth of the Blackwood River. Make your way out to Cape Leeuwin and the Lighthouse which is the most south western point of WA and where the Indian Ocean and the Southern Ocean meet.

Augusta has some of the most pristine beaches in the world, perfect for fishing, swimming, surfing, diving and boating. Venture into the beautiful Jewel Cave, or get adventurous in Giants Cave and Calgardup Cave. Enjoy day trips of wine tasting and good food. Visit world-class wineries and stunning forests. From Albany Terrace you can experience beautiful ocean views, make your way to great fishing spots and swimming beaches.

Whale Watching

June to December the ocean around Augusta plays host to hundreds of Humpback and Southern Right Whales as they migrate up the West Australian coastline to warmer, northern waters. You can see the Whales breaching and tail slapping as they play and mate with each other. Looking further out on the horizon & you might be get to see pods of Killer Whales.

Jewel Cave

8km from Augusta & and 37km south of Margaret River, lies Jewel Cave which is an underground wonderland. Jewel Cave wasn't properly explored until 1958 when 2 explorers, Lex Bastian and Lloyd Robinson, explored into its depths. A year later Jewel Cave became open to the public and went on to become an iconic tourist attraction. It is is one of a string of caves which stretch along the coast between the capes.

18 Aug 2016

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