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Albany is a coastal Great Southern town nestled between Mount Clarence & Mount Melville.  It's ability to welcome tourists has seen it overcome the closure of many of it's main industries over the years.  The town has a warmth that has been untouched over time.

The Cheynes Beach Whaling station in Albany closed in November 1978.  The closed whaling station then became a museum for people to view what once was & reflect on what once had been a very thriving trade in the area.  Many whales & men died during the stations existance.

Over the years the whaling staion  transformed in a unique heritage attraction which will take you on a journey  into the life of the last Australian whaling station.  Artifacts combine with technology to show you a time when whaling was a way of life.

You'll find plenty to discover as well as playgrounds for the children and fine food from the Whalers Gallery Cafeteria/Restaurant, or find a cool souvenir at Mobies Souvenirs.  Each day guided tours depart on the hour starting at 10am.

Princess Royal Fortress

Consists of:

  • Miltary Heritage Center & the Ausrtralian War Memorial Gallery
  • Albany Barracks
  • Princess Royal Battery
  • Padre White National Memorial
  • First Drawn Service Display
  • Australian Light Horse Museum
  • HMAS Perth Interpretive Center

In 1791, Captain george Vancouver claimed the sourthern part of Western Australia for the British Crown.  It's strategic position led to Princess Royal Fortress being built on Mount Adelaide (which joins Mount Clarence) in 1893 as the fiirst Federal defence in Australia.  The guns remained a deterent until 1956 when the forts were closed.

You can enjoy a nice walk around & a meal or snack at the Military Institute Tea Rooms when you visit.


Whale World

Consists of ...

  • A guided tour of Australia's last whaling station
  • A spectacular skeleton display
  • Threee movie theatres & Spectravision display
  • The Cheynes IV whalechaser
  • The Cheynes III working steam engine
  • Art, photos & memorabilia galleries

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Albany is a coastal Great Southern town nestled between Mount Clarence & Mount Melville.

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