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Dardanup is a small town in the South West region of Western Australia, immediately to the east and southeast of the city of Bunbury and about 180 kilometres south of the state capital. Perth. It was settled in 1852 by Thomas Little who named his property Dardanup Park. He later gave the land to the Catholic Church and a community was soon established. The government acquired land in the area in the 1920s and the townsite was gazetted in 1923.  Dardanup with a population of 370 and Burekup with 360 form the shire’s two smaller townsites, with another estimated 1900 residents living in rural areas of the shire.

Darndanup has lush green cattle country and is the gateway to the beautiful Ferguson Valley with of rolling hills, scenic valleys and incredible views of Bunbury & the Indian Ocean.  Dardanup is a blend of rural and fast-growing urban areas.  The town has beautifully maintained parks, picnic facilities, reserves and public open spaces plus a variety of picturesque natural wonders.

The word Dardanup is aparently a variation of the Indigenous Australian word Dudingup, however its meaning is unknown.

19 Jun 2016

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