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Sand Dunes - Lancelin

Lancelin is located just 90 minutes from the centre of Perth and is Australia's premier sandboarding destination.

The dune area is expansive and legally, you are only allowed to use the licensed off-road section, which roughly comprises the middle section (north to south) of the dunes. There is signage indicating the usable area, so please take note. There are no fences or signage on the sand dunes to indicate where the boundaries are, so take care.

Head north along the Mitchell Freeway and then Wanneroo Road, which becomes Indian Ocean Drive. The Lancelin turn-off is well signposted, so head west at the turn-off. It is possible to park standard 2-wheel-drive vehicles right at the base of the dunes on the hard rock off Bootoo Street.

Entry to the dunes is free. The dunes are open all year, 24 hours a day.

It might be an idea to bring goggles to stop sand irritating your eyes. You would want to be fairly fit, as you will need to climb to to the top of the dune in order to slide down.

There are no facilities at the dunes e.g. no toilets/shops etc. So it's a good idea to bring some drinks with you.