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Nullarbor: derived from the Latin word "nulla" meaning no, and "arbor" meaning tree, therefore Nullabor means no trees.

The Nullarbor Roadhouse is located two hundred and one kilometres east of Eucla. Visit the abandoned Koonalda homestead (95 kms west of Nullarbor Roadhouse to turnoff and then 20 kms north of Eyre Highway) or visit the nearby Koonalda cave or sinkholes.


Murrawijinie Caves

The Murrawijinie Limestone caves are found approximately ten kilometres north of the Nullarbor Roadhouse. The road is mainly suited to 4WD vehicles. Ask the staff at the Nullabor Roadhouse for directions. Temperatures inside the caves can be over 10 degrees cooler than above ground temperatures - especially during summer. Make sure you let someone know where you are going and beware of snakes.

Nullarbor Wildlife

There is plenty of Australian wildlife to see when crossing the Nullarbor. Kangaroos, camels, dingoes and even wombats can be seen. Dingos are wild animals and should not be fed by the public . They are scavengers by nature and can turn violent for no apparent reason. Do not leave shoes lying around as dingoes have been known to take off with them!

Cyclists interested in cycling across the Nullarbor would be advised to read the Australian Bicycle Camping Fact Sheet site on the net.


Roadhouse: fuel, take away food, Eftpos, laundry facilities. Open - 7am to 11pm - seven days per week
Medical: Royal Flying Doctor Service (emergencies only) 1800 625 800
Accommodation: Motel & Caravan Park

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