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Part of Australia's charm is its history. It also makes for some great places to visit! So take a journey down Australia's timeline & see what you can discover, or even learn.

New South Wales


14 October

A tornado touches down in Armidale ripping roofs from houses and flipping vehicles.


05 October

Dominic Perrottet becomes Premier of NSW and leader of the Liberal Party


01 October

Gladys Berejiklian resigns as Premier of New South Wales


30 September

A tornado touches down in the NSW Central West, demolishing homes in Peel and Meadow Flat. Three people are left injured.


22 June

Quarantine-free travel is paused from New South Wales to New Zealand [Covid-19]


10 May

New South Wales & New Zealand travel resumes. [Covid-19]


06 May

Quarantine-free travel is suspended between New South Wales & New Zealand following a community outbreak in Sydney [Covid-19]


19 March

A rain bomb impacts the New South Wales Mid North Coast and Western Sydney, causing major flooding and evacuations.


28 February

300,000 doses of the Oxford–AstraZeneca vaccine arrived at Sydney airport


10 August

Parkes Observatory is added to the National Heritage List


08 July

New South Wales closes it's common border with Victoria, following a large spike in cases in parts of Melbourne [Covid-19]


06 April

At least 12 deaths and more than 700 cases of coronavirus in Australia are now linked to the cruise ship Ruby Princess


22 March

The cruise ship Ruby Princess disembarked passengers in Sydney despite several of them, and some crew, showing symptoms of coronavirus [Covid-19]


05 January

The New South Wales town of Eden is evacuated due to the bushfires.


15 December

A lone gunman held hostage 10 customers and 8 employees of a Lindt chocolate café in the APA Building in Martin Place, Sydney, Australia.


13 October

Over 100 bushfires burnt across the state of New South Wales. 2 fatalities & 248 houses and other structures destroyed.


06 February

The Wandoo fire in New South Wales burnt over 9,000 hectares of farmland.


22 July

Premier Bob Carr announces his retirement after 10yrs of service


19 September

Slim Dusty, Country Music Singer and Musician Dies aged 76


24 December

The Black Christmas bushfires occurred when strong westerly winds fuelled more than 100 bushfires across the state, creating a plume of smoke that extended across Sydney.


27 December

From 27 December 1993 to 16 January 1994, over 800 severe fires burned along the coastal areas of New South Wales. 4 people died, over 200 homes destroyed.


28 December

Australia's most devastating earthquake hit Newcastle, New South Wales at 10:27am.


01 January

The Festival of Sydney begins.


05 March

The Chatsbury/Bungonia bushfires were a series of fires that burned in the Southern Highlands region of New South Wales, destroying the villages of Tallong, Wingello, and most of the surrounding orchards.


14 January

Seaham, NSW, was partially destroyed by bushfires.


10 June

The Myall Creek massacre was a pivotal moment in Australian history, setting a legal precedent and beginning the shift of attitudes towards the mass killing of Aboriginal people.


15 February

NSW Government gains power to remove Aboriginal children from their families


21 February

Australia's first Lifesaving Club established at Bondi Beach


01 September

Sydney's General Post Office (GPO) is opened in Martin Place


25 June

Copper discovered near Orange, NSW


24 August

British troops pull out of NSW


25 May

Bushranger Captain Thunderbolt shot dead near Uralla


24 June

89 die in the Gundagai floods, Australia's deadliest flood


01 October

Founding of Sydney University


01 July

New Zealand becomes a separate colony from the Colony of New South Wales and made a colony in their own right. Ending more than 50 years of confusion over the relationship between the islands and the Australian colony.


19 January

A group of stockmen in the Colony revenged themselves against innocent, unsuspecting Native Aborigines by murdering them and burning their bodies in a remote part of the Bush. The Myall Creek massacre.


15 February

The first gold discovery is made by James McBrien in the Fish River, near Bathurst, New South Wales


08 April

Governor Macquarie establishes the Bank of New South Wales


01 January

Rum Hospital (now called Sydney Hospital), which opened in 1816 as the first public hospital in Australia and was the site of Lucy Osburn founding modern nursing in Australia, has been providing medical care to the poor since 1845.


07 May

Governor Lachlan Macquarie's establishment of the inland town of Bathurst was a great achievement, but it carried a heavy cost for the local Aboriginal population.


18 May

Blaxland, Lawson & Wentworth cross the Blue Mountains


20 April

A road from Sydney to Parramatta is open to traffic


15 January

Australia's first official horse race is held in Hyde Park, Sydney. It was held by the Officers of the 73rd regiment


01 January

Governor Lachlan Macquarie arrives in Sydney


14 March

Irish convicts mutiny at Castle Hill, Sydney


04 March

Castle Hill convict rebellion, also known as the second Battle of Vinegar Hill, occurred in New South Wales.


05 March

Australia's first newspaper, the Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, begin publishing on a weekly basis


02 June

Aboriginal warrior Pemulway is killed near Paramatta


15 February

Australia's first bushranger John 'Black' Caeser is shot & killed at Liberty Plains (now Strathfield), near Sydney


07 September

John Hunter arrives as second Governor of NSW


02 October

In the Hawkesbury River massacre, British settlers retaliated against Bediagal people for stealing clothing and provisions by killing seven of them and taking some of their children as farm laborers.


01 May

Pemulwuy bravely fought against the colonists to protect his people's land.


17 October

Establishing a whaling station in Sydney was an exciting event.


09 July

The first ship of the Third Fleet arrived at Sydney Cove.


28 June

The Second Fleet arrived in Sydney with convicts & the first detachment of 100 men from the NSW Corps


03 June

5 of 6 ships of the beleaguered Second Fleet arrived. The colony was gripped by a food crisis.


02 November

A party of marines from the New South Wales Marine Corps and 10 convicts left to establish a farming settlement at Rose Hill (Later called Parramatta).


26 April

An exploring party led by Captain Phillip sighted and named the Blue Mountains.


15 March

Captain Phillip issued the first government conservation order, that no trees should be cut down within 50 feet (15 metres) of the stream that ran into Sydney Cove.


02 March

Captain Phillip set out to explore Broken Bay. On this trip he discovered and named Pittwater.


27 February

Thomas Barratt was hanged for stealing in stores, the first execution.


07 February

Captain Phillip addressed the convicts, wishing them ‘reformation, happiness, and prosperity, in this new country'.


06 February

The women convicts came ashore. There followed a ‘scene of debauchery and riot’, accompanied by a violent thunderstorm.


03 February

Rev. Richard Johnson held the colony’s first religious service ‘on the grass’.


28 January

17 Wives of marines and 14 children disembarked from Prince of Wales. They were the first women and children to land. The first of the livestock was brought ashore.


27 January

Convicts disembarked at Sydney Cove and helped clear the ground.


26 January

11 ships of the First Fleet land at Sydney Cove with 1373 settlers which included 732 convicts & their children


26 January

Early in the morning, Captain Phillip took a party ashore at Sydney Cove, raised the British colours and formally proclaimed British sovereignty over New South Wales.


24 January

The French ships Boussole and Astrolabe appeared off Botany Bay. The expedition vanished mysteriously in 1788 after leaving Botany Bay on 10 March 1788.


18 January

The First Fleet arrives at Botany Bay


11 May

The botanist Sir Joseph Banks, who accompanied Capt. Cook, tells the British Govt that Botany Bay is a suitable place for a convict colony


22 August

In 1770, Lieutenant James Cook declared the eastern coast of Australia as New South Wales and 18 years later, the First Fleet arrived to establish a penal colony.
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